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Google Local listings

It is evident that over 90% of the people searching on Google and the other search engines never make it across the first page of results. In fact, about 57% click on the very first result. The other 43% of the searchers that click on the other links on the first page range between #2 and the #10 result. Therefore, it is obvious that gaining a top position on Google Local Listings will ensure you a substantial amount of traffic from any search of your targeted keywords.

Do you know that you can skip the entire SEO procedure and reach the top of the Google results by utilizing Google Local listings? Just by claiming your position at the Google Local Business Center, you may get better rankings than the industry leaders that have spent thousands of dollars every month on their SEO endeavors.

Hide and Seek may be very enjoyable to you as a kid, but it is not funny if your business is still to be found online. If your current SEO service provider is all about empty promises without any such results and keeps on telling you to be patient, you don’t have to! The millions of prospective customers looking for services and products that you offer are never going to ask you to show up. They will simply switch for the next best option available to them.

If your business completely depends on the customers of the local market, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns and SEO will only take you that far. If you are not availing the benefits of Google Local Listings, you are missing out the sales that are banked on by your competitors. This is an incredible tool but useless if you don’t know how to utilize them and make the most out of them.

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